Current Student Collaborators


Interests: social media, social media’s role in labor organizing, social computing, human-computer interaction, sustainable technologies

M.S., Information

Cameron Giniel



Interests: disclosure, narrative, social media, interactive storytelling

M.S., Information

Wei Li



Interests: health services access especially for marginalized and underserved communities

M.S., Information

Ky Wojciechowski



Interests: pregnancy loss and social media, Puerto Rico

B.S., Political Science, Creative Writing

Rocío Cuesta Camuñas



Interests: mental health, social computing, privacy, technology

B.S., Neuroscience

Madison Flood



Interests: mental health, suicide prevention, social support, social media, neuropsychology

B.S., Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Sarah Lynch


I am excited to be recruiting Ph.D. students this application cycle! 

If you are a prospective Ph.D. student and would like to work with me:

You should apply and be admitted to the UMSI PhD program (deadline: Dec 1, 2019). 

You are encouraged to include my name as a potential advisor in your application.

You are welcome to email me to let me know you have applied or are planning to apply. If you choose to email me separately, please make sure that you clearly articulate how your past experiences/skills and future goals are in line with my work, why you would like to work with me, what you are interested in, why you are interested in it, and why that is important. Tell me what makes your current and future scholarship you

I also enjoy working with motivated undergraduate and master's students. 

If you are a current undergraduate or master's student at U-M (including beyond UMSI) and would like to work with me:


Please read at least one of my publications. 


Then write 1-2 reflection paragraphs and summarize the article in your own words, stating what you found most interesting, and describing how you might extend this work.


What you write about will not necessarily be what you may work on with me, but this exercise allows me to understand your thought process, and assess whether there is a good fit between my work and your interests.

Once you have done so, please email me and include your reflection paragraph(s), CV, and transcripts. 

Research is fun! I appreciate having the privilege to guide and mentor you in this process, no matter your career stage.

If you would like to request a letter of recommendation from me, please fill out this form

Previous Student Collaborators


Interests: gender, social media, identity formation and management, information behaviors

M.S. Information

Justin Buss



Interests: technology for good, organizations

B.S. Cognitive Science 

Annabelle Angus



Interests: mental health, stigma, population health, and technology

B.S. Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience; Gender and Health

Joyce Ho